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Complaints procedure

Trivent Accountants and Tax Consultants attach great importance to quality. This applies to professional quality, but certainly also to the quality of other aspects of our services.

Although we continuously invest in maintaining and improving our quality, we can of course not prevent that sometimes something is completely to the satisfaction of our clients. In the unlikely event that this happens, your account manager is the first point of contact.

However, if you are not satisfied with your Account Manager's response, or if you would rather not submit your complaint to them, you can contact Trivent's Compliance Officer.

Please send a letter to:
Trivent Accountants and Tax Consultants
attn. of the Compliance Officer
PO Box 114
5260 AC VUGHT (NL)

Please clearly state your name, the name of your Account Manager and the nature of the complaint. After receipt of your report you will always receive a message from us.