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Our team


Our team consists of professionals who are genuinely interested in entrepreneurs, their business and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Together, we are their financial and fiscal conscience. Together, we coach them to be the best they can be.

Mohammad Alfares

Mohammad Alfares

Mohammad Alfares

Assistant Accountant

About Trivent

Every financial area of expertise for SMEs under one roof

What links the accountants and tax consultants of Trivent? In any case, the following: we are all convinced that your company thrives on the security of sound financial management.

To achieve this, we do more than just dive into the numbers. We have a hands-on mentality. In order to really know your company, we want to understand all your processes, know what phase your company is in and what drives you personally. We can only provide the advice and services that seamlessly match the character of your company if we know all the ins and outs. That is our goal.

Trivent makes sure that you know exactly where you stand financially and fiscally, year after year.