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Advice on internationalisation of your activities

Advice on internationalisation of your operations

If you decide to also do business abroad, the question arises, inter alia, whether you start doing business from a local entity to be incorporated or from your present location in the Netherlands with a foreign branch (a so-called permanent establishment) or perhaps with the help of a representative to be designated locally.


It goes without saying that as an entrepreneur you aim for tax optimalization. Tax facilities (both domestically and abroad) and rate differences in various countries contribute to this. In what country do you want and can you enjoy (a part of) your profit? We assist you in listing these important decisions and we provide you insight into what it means to your business.


With our knowledge of the many tax treaties that the Netherlands concluded with other countries and with the help of our network of foreign advisors we can assist you in your choice. After all, you do not want double taxation on your profits!