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Audit of annual accounts

When is your business subject to a statutory or legal audit? This is the case when your business has complied with two of the three imposed criteria of two consecutive financial years:

- the balance sheet total exceeds 6 million;

- the net turnover exceeds 12 million;

- on average you employ 50 or more employees. 

Because our accountants must provide certainty, they shall need to audit the supplied information on reliability. To this end they need to delve into your business processes, collect the required information and also document this thoroughly. Your organisation is scrutinised in order to check to what degree important (business) risks are controlled sufficiently. We report potential shortcomings and inform you how you can solve them. Things you do not (no longer) see yourself are signalled and defined by the audit of our accountants. In addition, financiers but also buyers often attach ample value to an unqualified audit opinion. Certainly in international business the nature of the audit opinion is important. 

If you are not statutorily held to have the annual accounts audited then you may still opt to have this done. For instance, because value is attributed to the degree of certainty that is obtained about the annual accounts. The engagement regarding the so-called voluntary audit is often awarded in case there are multiple shareholders. 

We dispose of authorisation pursuant to the Dutch Supervision (Accounting Organisations) Act for the performance of statutory audits. We are pleased to provide you with advice, but we are also pleased to offer pratical support. In that case we always opt for an implementation that is in line with your wishes.