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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and takeovers

Expansion can be realized autonomously, but also through mergers and/or takeovers. If you decided to sell your business, to merge it or to take over another business then this brings about a number of legal issues. It is often a complex process that takes considerable time. 

Both before and during the negotiations we can provide you with the required insight in a fast and clear manner. For instance, we provide insight into the value of the target and/or the merger partner and we outline the tax and legal implications of the transaction. 

Trivent is pleased to advise you during the negotiations and determines the course of the entire process together with you. We supervise this process and also offer support during the preparation of statements and takeover documents. 

In case of an international transfer it is also possible to, under conditions, rely on the business succession facility (also: business succession scheme). With the BSF (BSS) a considerable fax benefit can be obtained because this avoids acute taxation on the sales result. 

We want to assist our customers as optimally as possible and ewe look beyond the figures alone. We want to know exactly how things stand and we look at things form different perspectives. We offer you the helping hand when reaching complicated of difficult decisions. This way, together we realise the best result.