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Other assurance assignments

Business consultancy

Is your business financially healthy? Do you know what risk certain developments in society present to your organisation? Trivent assists you in getting grip on the return of your business operations. We convert our experience and expertise into new possibilities for you to optimise your processes. This way you arrive at a better return. In this respect we always make sue that you comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to you and your business. Trivent provides you clear insight into the return of your organisation. We prepare an independent assessment of your business risks and we provide you with concrete advice for better business operations. 

When deploying our consultants we always seek the right match for your organisaton, not just from a professional content perspective, but certaintly also from a personal perspective. Sincere commitment and mutual trust are the basic ingredients for a good cooperation. We delve into your story and situation. This is the only way for us to assist you in strengthening your organisation, keeping it strong and making it healthier and more manoeuvrable.