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Support with financing applications

Support in case of financing applications

If you want to apply for financing then you can call upon various lenders: a bank, the government or an investor. For a financing application to be successful it is of utmost importance that you have an up-to-date overview of your finances. 

The overview of the finances must also be realistic. Of course you are proud of your business and have a positive outlook on the future. Forecasts - always part of the financing application - are consequently often incredibly positive. However, lenders always home in on unrealistic forecasts. In addition, your repayment obligation is also based on the financial data of your business. If the figures are not realistic, then this may imply that you are facing high repayment obligations. Trivent assists you in the preperation of realistic financial figures and a proper relevant overviews. 

When applying for financing, entrepreneurs often opt for a lender they know for instance their present banker. Trivent is pleased to assist you in looking further. Perhaps there are financing options that are better in line with your situation. A financing application stands or falls with a proper substantiation. Hence, it is important to pay sufficient attention to his. Be prepared for difficult substantive financial questions. 

Trivent offers assistance in the preparation of your application. Our team counsels you during the financing application and prepares forecasts for an optimal return for your business.